Oumou  Dukuray photo

Oumou Dukuray

Poet, food justice advocate and Youth Food Educator with CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute,

My name is Oumou Dukuray, I'm 16 years old. I reside in the South Bronx where I attend high school at New Visions for Advanced Math and Science II. I have been working with GrowNYC as well as collaborating with Charita Johnson at the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute; where we take pride in advocacy in different areas of East Harlem. I have first been exposed to food equity two years ago where I had this mindset that “skinny girls are healthy “. However such perception changed when I was able to decipher the tactics of the local franchises I'm bombarded with in my community, and that's when I realized that it's what we eat that affects one's overall health. I  I take pride in eliminating social disparities in order to uplift  those around me emotionally and mentally to endorse a positive inner conscience.  Poetry is a form of expression that I use to communicate to mirror daily scenarios and it has become a hobby in which I was able to write a poem “ Food for Thought” specifically targeting food equity in communities that are in poor socioeconomic circumstances.