Dr. Anna Ortega-Williams photo

Dr. Anna Ortega-Williams

Director of Training & Evaluation
Design Wild

Dr. Anna Ortega-Williams is a social work activist, researcher, educator and scholar. Compost, poetry, and playing in the mud with her daughter fuel her. She has studied herbalism and botany for years at local institutions including Sacred Vibes, Thirdroot, New York Open Center, the New York Botanical Gardens and Casa Atabex Ache. Anna currently works at the Red Hook Initiative, a local community based organization, doing powerful youth development and community building work. She is the co-founder of the Radical Social Work Group, a network of social service providers that seek to reimagine how to recover from and interrupt harm in our field while reimagining it. Anna is a lover of local medicine and weeds and believes that herbs are allies to our wellbeing. As a Black, queer cisgender woman, born and raised in public housing in the Bronx, Anna believes deeply in the healing power of community organizing for racial and economic justice and the earth's regenerative capacity.