Jenny  Deida photo

Jenny Deida

Fitness Justice Activist
Revolutionary Fitness

Jenny is a New York Native and grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She loves to develop plant strong recipes especially tasty treats/desserts. Exploring different healthy recipes to nourish her family and getting creative in the kitchen. She is big proponent of Food is medicine and is an essential part of being healthy and achieving wellness while making it cultural relevant. 

Spending time with her daughter Kaia, who can often be found by her side in the kitchen and at the RevFit Harlem studio, is always important to her. She got into health and fitness, and RevFit specifically, because Jenny wanted to be a health and fitness ambassador in her community. She now acts as the Operations Director and is a worker-owner of their Harlem cooperative. She uses this platform to spread the message on the importance of fostering healthy relationships with food and fitness. She felt there was a need to bring awareness to the health and fitness disparities communities of color are constantly faced with. Especially, working class individuals and families. 

She hopes to develop more kids programs because of the obesity epidemic and lack of physical activity in our school system. Educating people while training them is an important part of her philosophy so that her students can be independent and don’t need to rely on her or any other trainers when they are on their own in the world. Jenny tries to focus a lot of her energy on building up the confidence of her students in order to help them blossom into their best selves. She especially likes to train groups of women, in particular mothers, and usually puts a large emphasis on building a strong mind body connection. This approach helps people to break out of their comfort zones, become more playful, and encourages exploration. After all fitness should be fun and increase ones overall health and wellness.